1. theyumenoinuofficial:

    This scene will continuously break my heart in two, no matter how many times I watch it. You can just see the love between them, feel their heartache after years of friendship, partnership, being bond-mates, and something much deeper—soul-mates.

    What kills me (other than Spock dying) is when Jim finally approaches the chamber, you can hear his heart breaking as he cries out Spock’s name.

    Spock—hearing Jim’s pain—quickly attempts to regain composure, desiring to ease his bond-mate’s distress. Even bumping into the glass when he knew he should’ve had a hand out for guidance. He doesn’t want to see Jim in pain—wants him to remember him as he was in the best of times, and not how he is in this moment.

    Jim makes feeble attempts to keep the tears at bay as Spock presses his hand against the glass for one last Vulcan kiss (not even caring who’s watching this incredibly intimate moment between them). And as he slumps to the floor, Jim mutters a guttural “no”, his hand slipping down with him as though the action would dissolve the barrier separating them.

    Then, he collapses against the glass with Spock’s still form leaning against the other side—just beyond his reach. He is left bereft, stunned, in pure disbelief—sorrow evident on his face. The reaction of someone who just lost their Husband, the love of their life—their soul-mate. Spock was Jim’s entire world, and now Spock was gone, leaving a nearly tangible emptiness behind.

    "I have been, and always shall be…yours.”

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  3. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.

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  4. smellslikeglue:

    Horatio Nullbuilt’s workshop from the game Primordia, this was a fun piece to draw!